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Thursday, April 14, 2005

About my favorite music artist...

Daft Punk, who turned the house music scene upside down in 94, is my favorite artist. They started back in 1994 with their first track, The New Wave. Since then they've released 3 studio albums, many singles and 2 non studio albums. They also did a world tour called Alive.

You can see their site, which is really pathetic.
or visit Daft Crew, which is a great site for french touch house music.

I have all of their US cd releases. Including the newest, Human After All....
Now, lemme tell you all something. HAA is not their best work. Hell, its not even great work. There are a few solid tracks on the album but it cant even compare to the shadow of Discovery or Homework. So, if someone suggests Daft Punk to you, buy Discovery. Not only is it a good introduction to house music, but its also a good introduction to Daft Punk. I also recommend Homework, as it has some real classics.

If you really crave more Daft Punk, all I can suggest is to pick up some of the singles as they have exclusive remixes. You can also pick up music made by the 2 members separately. Thomas Bangalter has many vinyl releases and 1 cd, called Irreversible. He's also worked with Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond on the project Stardust, which produced the floor killer, Music Sounds Better With You. Additionally, he worked with DJ Falcon for many years, and is listed as simply Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon. If your into vinyl, you can purchase his music (and many of his friends) under his label Roule' and its (now closed) sub division Scratche'. Also, Guy Manuel de Homen Christo releases his music partnered with Eric "Rico" Ch├ędeville under the name Le Knight Club and his own label Crydamoure. Guy has also worked with DJ Sneak as part of Le Knight Club.

My Favorite Daft Punk tracks: (not really in order)
Something About Us
Veredis Quo
Digital Love
Face to Face
Around The World
Indo Silver Club
Da Funk
Rollin' & Scratching
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